Flightcom has delivered reliable cockpit communications for almost three decades. Our military flight deck headsets include cockpit-proven models with passive or active noise reduction (ANR) and special features for military use.

Flightcom military wireless ground support solutions assist marshaling, maintenance, deicing, and loadmaster operations. Our systems employ multiple wireless headsets that provide hearing protection and unify communications to improve team effectiveness and safety while performing coordinated tasks under challenging conditions.

Wireless Systems Technology

Flightcom wireless systems deliver hands-free full-duplex communication using rugged wireless headsets with 26dB of hearing protection that have no external cables or antennas to break, snag, or interfere with movement. All wireless systems use DECT6 digital RF technology, which is incorporated into compact fixed, mobile, or portable base stations with a 1600 ft. range. Systems can also be interfaced to 2-way radios for communication with other teams or commands at longer ranges. Tactical headsets that use a belt pack transceiver are also available.


Flightcom military flight deck headsets improve communication and reduce noise-induced fatigue through passive and active noise reduction (ANR). The E‑13 Passive headset model delivers 21dB NRR, while the E‑13 ANR model delivers an additional 14‑18dB of active noise attenuation. Known for rugged reliability and DO‑160E tested, our military cockpit headsets also feature utility and comfort to support long hours of cockpit operations in all conditions. Both models include ergonomic features, a dome-mounted volume control, an in-line quick disconnect on the mic boom. The E‑13 ANR includes two auxillary inputs and a dome-mounted NVIS-friendly Pelican light. Headsets are currently approved for USMC use and for use on USAF KC‑135, C‑5, and C‑130 (except “J”) airframes. Ask Flightcom about other approvals.


Flightcom’s wireless aircraft pushback, towing, and marshaling system supports aircraft movement with one to four wing walkers. The configurable system maintains critical tractor operator-to-pilot communication while allowing the wing walkers to listen and alert the tractor operator to any hazards. A Pilot Alert™ warning (Pat. Pend.) ensures that the ground crew does not leave any equipment attached to the aircraft. The system allows full wireless coverage around the aircraft with exceptional 1600-foot line-of-sight range and is activated by plugging a portable ComHub™ into the aircraft interphone system. All ground crew members then hear the flight deck, the wing walkers and tug operator are in constant communication, and the tug operator communicates via headset PTT to the flight deck.


Flightcom’s customizable deicing solution improves efficiency and safety by supporting hands-free wireless communication between the deicing truck driver and the team member in the basket. Wireless operation eliminates boom and headset wiring failures, increases spray operator mobility, and allows the driver to maintain communication while checking liquid levels and operating the pump. The standard system supports continuous full-duplex communication between the two team members. Optionally, the system can be configured to also provide push-to talk communication with ground control or other teams via two-way radio. Flightcom offers systems for other team configurations, including direct communication between multiple teams working on the same aircraft.


Flightcom offers a variety of flexible communication solutions specifically to maximize efficiency, productivity, and safety for maintenance teams. Our maintenance systems combine wireless communication headsets with a portable battery-powered ComHub™ that can be located to provide full-duplex, hands-free communication among team members inside and outside the aircraft. To meet customer requirements, portable systems can be configured for continuous or push-to-talk team communication and can include up to eight users. Systems can also provide push-to-talk communications with ground control or other teams via a two-way mobile or portable radio.


Portable wireless communication systems are available to assist military loadmaster activities. These systems support up to eight users by providing hearing protection headsets with hands-free full-duplex communications that improve team safety and effectiveness. With no wires to snag or limit movement, team members can easily coordinate their actions. Custom systems can be configured to include a radio interface and/or wireless systems fixed within the cargo deck for on-ground or in-air team communications.