The same rugged wireless team communication technology used by Flightcom on aviation ramps is used in our solutions for military land use. Designed and tested to relevant MIL and SAE standards, Flightcom systems deliver clear and secure team communications under tough conditions.

Flightcom offers a range of headsets and system components in pre-configured or custom-engineered communications systems to meet specific customer requirements. From wired headsets for fixed console or vehicle intercom use, to mobile or portable wireless systems incorporating tactical or hearing-protection headsets, we deliver continuous audio communications to help teams of two to sixty safely complete their missions.

Wireless Systems Technology

Flightcom wireless systems deliver hands-free full-duplex communication using rugged wireless headsets with 26dB of hearing protection that have no external cables or antennas to break, snag, or interfere with movement. All wireless systems use DECT6 digital RF technology, which is incorporated into compact fixed, mobile, or portable base stations with a 1600 ft. range. Systems can also be interfaced to 2-way radios for communication with other teams or commands at longer ranges. Tactical headsets that use a belt pack transceiver are also available.

Mobile Wireless

For military land mobile applications, Flightcom communication systems offer the safety and productivity of continuous local team communication while keeping both hands available for use. Inside vehicles, crew members enjoy free movement and noise protection while clearly hearing each other and radio traffic. Within the 1600 ft. range of an equipment-mounted base station, team members can immediately coordinate movement and action, resulting in higher team effectiveness.

Example applications include mechanized infantry, towed or self-propelled gun crews, mechanical demining, combat engineering tasks, and mounted troops that perform close-in dismounted activity.

Portable Wireless

Battery-powered portable base stations permit continuous movement of a dismounted team or the convenience of moving the base station with the team, regardless of their vehicle or task. Portable base stations can be interfaced to portable 2-way radios for extended communication.

Example applications include construction, maintenance, and traffic management operations.

Fixed Location Wireless

Compact base stations can be mounted outside or inside structures to provide wireless communications for supply activities such as warehousing and shipping and receiving that can extend to operation of fork lifts and similar equipment. Maintenance activities – especially around generators and other high-noise equipment – are enhanced and facilitated by team wireless communication.


Flightcom wired headsets and intercoms deliver full-duplex team communication in situations where limited mobility is acceptable. Examples include command and control rooms and mechanized platforms not requiring dismounted activity.