Crew members on military vessels frequently operate in high-risk high-noise environments where getting tasks done quickly and safely demands full attention and clear team communication. When noise, distance, or darkness prevents clear communication, Flightcom hands-free communication systems provide hearing protection and critical full-duplex audio connections between team members to decrease noise exposure, improve safety and effectiveness, and achieve mission success.

Flightcom team communication solutions are engineered and manufactured to withstand the rigors of military marine environments. Our rugged technology is user-proven in wireless systems used by thousands of aviation ramp workers and firefighters worldwide. Whether wired or wireless, Flightcom systems can improve team operations in challenging environments on vessels from carriers and cruisers, to destroyers and frigates, to hovercraft, patrol boats and RHIBs.

Wireless Systems Technology

Flightcom wireless systems deliver hands-free full-duplex communication using rugged wireless headsets with 26dB of hearing protection that have no external cables or antennas to break, snag, or interfere with movement. All wireless systems use DECT6 digital RF technology, which is incorporated into compact fixed, mobile, or portable base stations with a 1600 ft. range. Systems can also be interfaced to 2-way radios for communication with other teams or commands at longer ranges. Tactical headsets that use a belt pack transceiver are also available.

Onboard Wireless

For onboard naval applications, Flightcom communication systems offer the safety and productivity of continuous local team communication while keeping both hands available for use. Within the 1600 ft. range of a mounted Flightcom base station, team members are protected against noise and can clearly hear each other to coordinate movement and actions, resulting in higher team effectiveness. When interfaced to a marine radio, the system also allows team members to hear all radio traffic and optionally to transmit on the radio.

Example applications include maintenance crews, engine room operations, patrol boat and RHIB crews, and shipboard deck crews.

Portable Wireless

Flightcom waterproof battery-powered portable base stations support up to eight team members with hands-free full duplex communication within a 1600 ft. radius. Portable systems deliver the same safety, productivity, and effectiveness benefits as fixed systems with the added benefit of having the system available wherever and whenever a team needs to operate. Like the mountable onboard base station, portable base stations can be interfaced to portable 2-way radios for extended communication.

Example applications include aircraft maintenance, aircraft marshaling/movement, cargo handling, shipboard maintenance teams, Seabee operations, and any other small team needing to coordinate action in a challenging environment.


Flightcom wired headsets and intercom systems provide hearing protection and hands-free communication for applications where complete mobility is not required. Systems can accommodate a mix of full-duplex and push-to-talk headsets per customer requirements. Systems can also be configured to incorporate a mix of wired and wireless headsets and radio interfaces. Contact Flightcom for configuration options.

Example applications include Combat Information Center and other command and control use, fixed locations as watch and supervisory stations, and aircraft interphone communication.