E-13 ANR Low Impedance Headset

Prevents noise fatigue and enhances communication through ANR technology

  • Active noise reduction
  • Detachable NVIS-friendly LED light
  • In-line, quick disconnect jack on mic boom
  • Cell phone and AUX jacks on battery box
  • Dual density foam ear seals
  • Dual-volume controls
  • U-174/U 4-conductor plug
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Used by top commanders and flight crews, Flightcom’s E-13 ANR is a classic-style headset designed for rugged cockpit environments. The headset prevents noise fatigue and enhances communication through ANR technology. Trusted by military personnel and proven in rugged airframe environments like the KC-135 and C-130, the E-13 ANR is an excellent value, with a robust feature list and rugged durability.

  • Approved for use on USAF KC-135, C-5 and C-130 (except “J”)
  • USMC approved
  • Active Noise Reduction (ANR) provides an additional 14-18dB noise attenuation
  • ANR (also known as “electronic noise cancelling”) is powered by two “AA” batteries providing up to 50 hours average operation
  • Sure Power System™ (SPS) shuts off ANR to preserve battery when no audio is present for 20 minutes
  • Battery box includes SAT/cellphone support, auxiliary input and improved battery monitoring
  • Auxiliary inputs automatically mute during incoming communications
  • Enhanced ergonomic features include head pad and ear seals, offering additional comfort and support
  • NVIS-friendly dome-mounted Pelican™ light and storage bag included
  • Versatile flexible microphone boom for precise adjustment
  • Cord configuration optimized for flight deck and cargo compartment crews
  • Glove-Rugged™ comm. cable bend relief increases durability
  • In-line quick-disconnect jack on mic boom for chemical defense suit and boom replacement
  • Steel spring headband and stirrups with scratch-resistant ABS ear domes
  • 5 ohm M-87 dynamic microphone meets MIL 2654212E; mounted on flex boom
  • U-174/U (4 Conductor) plug
  • 6-conductor, shielded, coiled comm. cable
  • Also available in passive model
  • NSN 5965-01-521-3223
  • Includes carrying case
  • 2-year warranty

Microphone: M-87 dynamic mic

Speakers: 16 ohm

Plug: U-174/U 4 conductor plug

Cord: Shielded coil cord, plug molding resistant to 10 kg pull force

Ear Seals: Protein leather covered Dual density foam

Headpad: Washable fleece comfort headpad

Color: Tan domes, chrome-steel headband and stirrups

Volume Control: Mono headset, dual-volume controls

Battery Operation 25mA max (ANR-ON) at 3.0V input; 50mA max (ANR-ON) at 1.6V input

Operating Battery Voltage: 1.2 – 3.00 VDC

Battery Power Source: Two AA cell batteries

Operating Temperature: -15 to 70 °C

Battery Life: 50-hr. average for standard alkaline-zinc batteries

Battery Size: 1.65” x 4.2” x1.0”

Warranty: 2-year warranty

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